Vivid Interactive / Vivid Digital – Company profile

Vivid Interactive, which specialises in digital media for education and training, was founded in 1988 by Mick Landmann and Gill Strawford. Since then, working with educational publishers Vivid have produced hundreds of high quality interactive digital resources for education and also have their own range of published on-line resources. Details can be found on the Vivid website at

In the last few years, recognising the importance of mobile technology, Vivid have extended their services to include app development for ios and Android platforms.

This includes  the successful Macmillan ‘Sounds’ app (using phonetics for teaching and learning), which recently won the British Council ELTon award for innovation in teaching and learning resources, and a range of apps that complement their own maths tools and Teach Practice and Assessment (TPA) published digital resources. Vivid are currently working with World Class Arena on a series of apps for teaching Latin and other languages, the first of which, Pipiatum, Latin Level 1, is now available on the app store, and will be closely followed by Level 2 and Level 3 versions.

Vivid have also developed an e-book engine for the production of interactive digital resources across all platforms including the range of mobile platforms. The engine allows for the development of content once, utilising a Javascript, CSS, HTML4/5 development and delivery environment, which can then be disseminated across any platform. This means that a user can access resources at any location on any device, Mac, PC, smartphone, tablet.

For example, under the auspices of the Vivid rebrand to Vivid Digital, the organisation have produced a digital version of the British Safety Council (BSC) Level 1 Health and Safety Training that is available as a SCORM object (therefore compatible with a range of Learning Management Systems), and as an ipad app (with the Android version also available soon).

This is designed to enhance the BSC commitment to deliver Health and Safety Training to school pupils, NEETS and also their charitable commitment to LOCOG to deliver Health and Safety training to all personnel involved in the 2012 Olympic Games.

In addition to producing the language learning apps mentioned above Vivid Digital have utilised their ‘e-book engine’  in the production of a Health and Safety course for Directors also for the British Safety Council, and under their consultancy are involved in a major consultancy project looking at the spectre of mobile education across Asia, Africa and North America to inform the digital publishing plans of Cambridge University Press.

Other Vivid projects underway include:

  • a joint venture with Brighton based mobile games producer Locomatrix  disseminating Invisible Buildings, a simulation of an archaeological dig (Time Team like) that takes place in the outdoors using mobile devices. The simulation allows students to discover and excavate a virtual Roman Villa and have a walk through the pieced together ruin. Hugely popular with pupils, teachers and parents alike Vivid and Locomatrix are working together to introduce the simulation to schools across the country and to add further simulations including The Tudors to the offering. As well as offering this to schools we are working on anew bespoke standalone version of the simulation for Lewes Priory and for further dissemination.
  • consultancy to Know Maths, a new online maths tutoring facility for use in the classroom. Vivid MD, Mick Landmann, is helping the company to establish product trials in primary schools in Brighton and helping to develop the usability and interfacing of the product going forwards.
  • a Joint Venture with digital exhibition experts Digital Opportunities  on the development of an education version of Digital Opportunities ‘Igor’ content development and deployment tool that enables Museums and other exhibitors to develop and display their own interactive exhibits. The education version will allow pupils to develop their own exhibits and bring them to the community through exhibiting in local museums.
  • inclusion in a European consortium that has developed an application under the Erasmus programme to develop and disseminate flexible learning resources to enable those producing video resources to ensure that they are ‘accessible’ to all. This reflects the growing use of video resources for communication and teaching and learning, with an accompanying need for universal accessibility. The application was completed on 31st January 2013 with the result being known in June/July2013.
  •  working with educational publisher Rising Stars in the development of their new online CPD facility in association with the Guardian Teacher Network called  EssentialCPD. The facility offers on line CDP courses to teachers, including a FREE module about the use of ipads in the classroom, all of which are available to be undertaken anytime, anywhere.

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